An Accessible Game Controller From Your Computer


What is Capacita?

Capacita is an accessible game controller that uses your computer to play video games. People who can access their computer, but may not have the use of their hands, can use Capacita to play console games with their mouse, keyboard or other computer access assistive technology.

The Controller Circuit

  • Capacita connects to your game console like an ordinary game controller.
  • No batteries are required, it is powered by the USB port on the PS3 or Xbox.
  • Communication to your PC or Mac via Bluetooth. (Your computer treats the circuit as a serial port).
  • Built on Arduino and uses several open source libraries.
  • Current Arduino code is here, documentation is currently being updated.

The Interface: a chrome app & web app

Using Capacita on your computer requires Google's Chrome web browser. If Chrome is not installed already please do it now,

Download the Chrome App 

A Chrome web app will manage the communication between the Capacita circuit and the Interface. You can download and install the Chrome app here.

Screenshot of the Google Chrome app Capacita Connection Manager.


The controller interface is a web application that gives you access to all the buttons and joysticks of your original game controller. The interface allows games to position onscreen buttons and joysticks in their own custom layout, the buttons can be configured to press on a keyboard or external capability switch.  However you access you computer is how you can now game.

How can I get one?

  • Right now Capacita is in user testing phase.  As Capacita continues through its development we will make announcements through our website, on Facebook, and through Twitter.  

    Review the Capacita Setup page

    How do I play?

    The interface - setting up your button layout