We believe that people with and without disabilities can be empowered when using the correct technology. More importantly, we want everyone to know they have the right to participate in the design & making of technology – having the opportunity to make your own ‘stuff’ can lead to increased quality of life, maintaining independence, perhaps a new career and staying curious about the world. Making also happens to be really fun!

The goal of DIYAbility is to create a community for people who believe that technology is world opening. The tools and software available today can let anyone implement and make their own devices and make almost anything else. DIYAbility is not just about assistive technology and all that orthopedic looking stuff – it is about acting on an idea whether it is for personal fun or assistance.

DIYAbility was started by John Schimmel and Holly Cohen, OTR/L, ATP, SCEM, CDRS. John is a technologist and tinkerer who teaches Developing Assistive Technology and Web Development courses at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program. Holly is an occupational therapist and assistive technology practitioner and teaches Rehabilitation courses at NYU Steinhardt’s Department of Occupational Therapy. Both have been involved with assistive technology design and implementation for several years and want to encourage more people to think creatively about technology and disabilities. DIYAbility has spoken both nationally and internationally about the importance of assistive technology use and “making”. This has included the 2016 TED Conference.

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