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Electronics, programming and fabrication tools are becoming more accessible everyday. We believe people with & without disabilities can make their world with technology, creativity and collaboration.

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Assistive Technology

Assistive technology enables communication, mobility, finanical independence and self expression - DIYAbility offers workshops and consultation for families and health care professionals to encourage the creative design and development. 


What is Assistive Technology?

What is Assistive Technology?

Very simply, assistive technology can be defined as the use of a device to help facilitate independence in an individual.  There are many examples of assistive technology or AT in our everyday life.  Glasses can be considered a form of AT as they will facilitate an person's ability to see.  A cane is also a form of AT, helping someone with their walking.  For individuals with disabilities, assistive technology can be used with various tasks such as computer access, communication, or control over the electronics in their home.  

Apr 14th 2014

The Kits Are Here!

DIYAbility is happy to announce that we are now able to provide the necessary materials for you to create your own hacking projects on your own.  This will be in the form of kits, the first kit will include the materials to switch adapt a toy and create your own ability switch.    

Mar 02nd 2014

Hacking for the Holidays 2013!!

Hacking for the Holidays is back! Join us to learn how to make capability switches and adapt toys for children with disabilities. Three workshops in early December for the beginner and expert to make the holidays more accesible.

Nov 18th 2013
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