Toy Switch Hacking Kit



At DIYAbility we believe that people with and without disabilities can be empowered when they utilize the correct technology. More importantly, we want everyone to know they have the right to participate in the design and making of technology – having the opportunity to make your own ‘stuff’ can lead to increased quality of life, maintaining independence, perhaps a new career and staying curious about the world. Making also happens to be really fun!

The goal of DIYAbility is to create a community for people who believe that technology is world opening. The tools and software available today can let anyone implement and make their own devices and make almost anything else. DIYAbility is not just about assistive technology and all that orthopedic looking stuff – it is about acting on an idea whether it is for personal fun or assistance.

In keeping with these initiatives we are now able to begin providing kids that include the necessary materials for your own hacking project.  Our first kit has all of the materials required to switch adapt a toy and make your own switch.

Why would you want to switch adapt a toy?

For many kids with physical disabilities, playing with off-the-shelf toys is not possible.  Most toys are not accessible for children with physical limitations.  The purchase of a toy that is already adapted can be quite costly, often more than four times the cost of one standard, inaccessible toy.  The ability to make your own accessibility opens up the options for different toy options for half the cost.  Additionally, through simple materials, anyone can make their own ability switch to utilize for access of the adapted toy.

Our kit includes materials required to make your own switch adapted toy and an ability switch:

  • One inch square of adhesive copper
  • 12 inches of 22 gauge wire
  • Two alligator clips
  • Solder
  • Two 3.5 mm mono jacks, female (internal)
  • Two 3.5 mm mono jacks, female (external)
  • Two 3.5 mm mono jacks, male
  • One 6 foot long mono male to male audio patch cord


Step by step directions are available on our website here   In addition to these materials, you will require the tools below to complete your toy hack:

  • Solder iron
  • Pair of wire strippers
  • Drill and drill bits (if hacking a plastic toy)
  • Correct size screwdriver for the toy
  • Multimeter (recommended but not required)

The price for one kit is $19.99, free shipping within the continental US only.  If you are purchasing a large quantity, more than 10, please contact us for possible discounts available, at [email protected].  Click on the link below for purchasing.

Stay tuned for future kits that will allow everyone to create their own DIY solutions and adaptations.